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Each day innovative companies are coming up with new product ideas to introduce in the market but face significant engineering challenges, shrinking product release cycle and meeting time-to-market and ROI demands.

As your outsourced product development partner, SigmaTec can translate your idea into a solution based on pre-defined specifications, time schedules and cost budgets. Backed by a successful track record in delivering outsourcing services, we not only align technologies and skill-sets with your requirements but also provide the management expertise required to deliver a product that matches your vision.

SigmaTec’s product development services focus on providing rapid product development combined with a flexibility to ramp up or down at short notice without incurring any costs or legal backlash. We enable you to scale up your team in terms of numbers as well as skills quickly without the fixed costs related to infrastructure support.

SigmaTec offers cost effective web application & software development services in the following domains:

    1. SaaS applications
    2. Desktop applications
    3. Mobile applications for;
      1. Windows Mobile
      2. Blackberry
      3. iphone
      4. Android
    4. Web applications
    5. Facebook applications
    6. Smart Client apps
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SigmaTec Value Proposition
SigmaTec Value PropositionSigmaTec Value PropositionSigmaTec Value Proposition
SigmaTec Value Proposition
  With a ready access to product development expertise, technical capability in different segments and domain knowledge of product development lifecycle issues, we provide speedy and accurate development to our outsourcing clients. Our management commitment, skills, people and focus on best practices has helped us deliver bestsellers to our clients.